Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

If He can Work,,why not you?????
Work & Work,,,,,,,,

True Fighter…!! Fight with his disablement, fight with inferiority complex, fight with social injustice, fight with appetite and set example for other disable people.


Benazir & British Press

There is no doubt that Benazir bhutto(1st Lady Prime Minister of World & Pakistan )has a very Fascinating Personality.It is the only reason when I saw her picture in the Book cover in Readings(According to me readings is a biggest Library of Pakistan specially Lahore) I picked up this book ,Named as ”Benazir & British Press”Written by Lubna Rafique.

Lubna Rafique:

Lubna Rafique is a Journalist by occupation.She has done her master in English literature in 1988 and Master in journalism in 1990 .She was born in Quetta and living in Lahore with her Husband & children.

Book Review:

Let me come to the point now,the Book Review.”Benazir & British press” is a which describe the true situation of PPP(PEOPLE’S PARTY OF PAKISTAN,THE FAMOUS POLITICAL PARTY OF PAKISTAN)in their Government in Pakistan in 1988 .Lubna Rafique revealed many fact & figure about PPP’s Government and about 20 months of their Power.With the help of British news papers she shows that how British press neglect Benazir bhutto’s problem ,They write so many about her foreign background, her wedding ceremony, her married life,& most important about  her glamorous look.But unfortunately they failed to identify the real problems of Benazir’s life ,problems which she & her part was suffering from.In the end Lubna Rafique give us all the detail information about the downfall of PPP and Benazir Bhutto during her time of Power.

According to me,Benazir & British Press is very good & important for your book shelf ,this book will surely help you to know & judge the History of Pakistan and its Politics.

Kanji(The best Spring Drink From Pakistan)

Happy Spring Season to all 🙂

Here is a yummy and healthy spring drink recipe for All,,,,,,,,,,,,,its Pakistani Special drink for Spring named as ”Kanji”


1/2 Kg               Black Carrot(Gajar)

1 to 2                 Beetroot(Just to enhance the taste)

2 Tablespoon :      Mustard Seeds (Rai)

1 Tablespoon:      Red Chilli

4 Tablespoon :  Salt

4 to 5 Kg    Water

How to Prepare

Take A jar or Ghara(A pot)Add Black Carrot slice and Beetroot in the jar .

then add mustard seeds,Red chili and Salt in it

Then add hot Water in it .stir well, close lid and leave on a warm, sunny window sill for 3-4 days.

After 4,5 days it get darker and all the ingredient mixed up well.Chill it in the Fridge or with the help of Crushed Ice .Your Ganji is Ready .You can discard the slice of carrots and beetroot or you can enjoy them with the Drink as well.

For All those who hear about this drink 1st time let me tell you that this is something very good for your skin your health your heart and for your liver.So Must try this at home and if you can’t try this at home please visit Pakistan.It is easily available here in Pakistan.

Where is Electricity


In early 1900’s in Pakistan there is something called load shedding,The electricity disappear for an hour out of 24 hours.
from the last few days i kept thinking about those single hour of load shedding.We were very much tired with the one hour load shedding and then one day the President of the Time Mr Nawaz Shareef came to the Panel and told everyone that after Today there is nothing Like Load shedding In Pakistan.

From Today I am Prepare to delight the young party of Pakistan(Young People of Pakistan)that there is something called load shedding,how can someone understand this word Load shedding and blah blah blah

but Alaaaas

Here I am after so many years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it’s not only an hour load shedding its about 16 hours load shedding out of 24 hours :/

What should i say to my Young Party now?Now the Young Party of My Country is telling me that there is 16 hours load shedding when you guys are in School there is nothing like load shedding or load shedding just for an hour (Grinning)

I can’t say anything ,,,,,,,,,,,I am also Student(University student) and just advice them to save time and save electricity that what we can do.

The funniest thing happened last time when a local news channel told viewer in their headlines

”Bijli ka buran sangeen”


the funny part of this is That news channels should not give this report as news because if I am not wrong News Mean ”Something New”

But there is nothing new about Load shedding ,,,,,,,,,,,so it’s not a news any more

long live Pakistan