Karachi the city of lights and life :) then the death game begins….

Hii there,,,,,,,,,,

Karachi is my birth place and i love Karachi from the very 1st day of my life……when i was a kid my best entertainment was going to Karachi in summer holidays At Nano Place(Grandmother house).And one day i come to know that i have to go Karachi and live my entire life there (Got Married and in-laws lived in Karachi)Karachi is a very Beautiful Place no Doubt,,,,,I don’t like the cuisine though but The sea-side was something fascinate me like anything.Whenever i went there i just can’t explain the feeling always i Fall in love with the Beauty of Sand,Water the wind……………Ahhhhhhhhhh

But on the other Hand ,,,,Karachi is suffering from something extremely heart breaking and dangerous from years….The Terrorism.Don’t know who is behind the dirty game and writing this not about who is doing this……but why they do so….

The Death rate increase day by day….and may be i wrong but Govt and other responsible people are not doing things in that perfect way ¬†…..i am not the person who has specially hard feelings for Police or other departments……..Image

After seeing this photo and reading his statement I felt sorry for my Nation and for the poor citizen of Karachi.He is the Additional I.G(Additional Inspector General)who is saying”Karachi is a biggest City of Pakistan,,,,,,the murder of few people on daily basis is not a big deal”what to say after reading this…..?????I don’t know i am shocked what’s wrong with our hearts…..How can we say anything about some one’s Father,son,brother or husband when we have our Own…….Why we don’t have feeling for others??????Why the Responsible Department shows their worst attitudes towards Us?????

We are Human being Mr I.G not Animals…..Pakistan made in the Name of Islam ,,,And Islam even didn’t allow us to do that with Animal so how can you show your this kind of attitude towards HUMAN BEING….’the best creation of the world’Asraf-ul-Makhlooqat?????????

Disappointment Disappointment Disappointment….


Our Attitude towards Different Religion

Hii Everyone…… ūüôā

Today I am going to share one of worst disappointed towards the Human nature……About religion.I am Muslim Alhumdullilah and I really proud to be,but if someone is not belong to my religion there is no chance for me to insult or say something awful.I respect all the religion and we all should respect.Anyway,Few days back when i was wasting my time on Facebook (the time i spend on fb i called that time wasted time) I saw A page status with some Indian festival(i don’t remember the festival name…ohh my bad)I am happy to see they all are greeting and say a lot of good things about their festivity,Like always i write Happy (Name the festival)In the comment link below….and after 5 five minutes..I have logout my Facebook account ,when i have log in again I am surprised to see 20 inbox messages,when i clicked and open the messages I am horrified ,there are a lot of anonymous who said whatever they can about me and my religious view…..They abuse me,they told they hate me(i really don’t care if an anonymous hates me,i don’t love them either….)but it’s hurt after turning off my laptop i come to know that they said that all because i wish my Indian friends on their festival….It hurts it’s truly hurts……what’s wrong if we wish some one on their special days?its not about the single incident it’s about the ritual which is so ordinary these days among all of us…Whenever you wish someone on their Festivals…someone from your family,friends or even the people who have same religion abuse you that why you wish them they have nothing common…but we forget we are human and that is one thing which is common whatever your religion your cast but you are human….So kindly who is reading this change your attitude people …Be Human

Don’t allow anyone to say anything about your religion,but remember don’t say anything about any one’s faith

(apne mazhab kabhi na choro,,,,kisi kay mazhab ko kabhi na cherro)

Stay blessed….Spread love

Dear blog,,,,Hi Again

Hello Friends,,,,,,,

I am here after a long break…..Was away from almost a year….There is a surprise for my blog Friends…..my readers…guys and girls I got married last year 10th of Nov 2012…Sorry friends for not sharing this biggest news with all of you….It was 31st August night when My Mother’s cousin send the proposal for me for his Only Son and after a week my Mother decides to say yes to them….I got married in Nov…..The Most beautiful Day of my life…awww I wish I can share my pictures with my friends but sorry I can’t……….

Anyway…I am here once again,,,I will try my best to post on daily basis …… I will share a lot about Karachi…My In Laws are in Karachi so living in Karachi …..will share interesting facts about Karachi

Nicotine Addiction

Smoking Kills


Addiction is bad for health and when it comes to Nicotine Addiction ,,,we all are fully aware with the bad infects of it,,,, then why wait,,,,left Smoking from Today,,,

I had written a blog post in Friend’s Blog ”Say no to Smoking” sharing my post link here may b it will Help someone somewhere


Story of my Failure

Well after a long time,,,,,,,,,I am here to share some failures of my life,, it’s so difficult to accept your defeat….to accept it that you are finally disable to do this or that,,, :/

But lucky me I am to brave,,,(Buttering to myself),,,,I accept my defeats with an open heart……and try to move on,,,,¬†at least¬†¬†I try,,,,,,,,,

And and ,,,,,,,not only accept my defeat look at me i am going to write about it,,,,,,,,

Jokes a parts,,,,lets start,,,,

Yes,,,when I was 14 years old,,,I took 3rd position 8 standard and teacher suggest me to take science as your major Subject in higher studies,,,,,,,I truly respect my teachers and their suggestion so i go for Science studies,,,,,,,,but in my very early stage of 9th i come to know,,,I ma really not interest in fact I hate Science subject but what to do now?

So I have done my matriculation in Science subjects with quite a dark grades,,(i hope u guys can understand dark grades)well i am at least passed in every subject and this is a very big blessing of Allah Almighty

Now he question is what next?And this question bring 1st¬†Officially¬†failure to me,,,When i realized i can’t continue Science Subjects as Further studies,,,,,,

I have chosen commerce for my Intermediate,,,Aw My college life was a perfect period of my self,,,Everything is as smooth as anyone can think,,,,,,In 1st year of I.com i have rewarded with an award for my best academic performance in Every subject specially in Accounting,,,,

But again Failure told me that it’s impossible for failure to left me so here failure is,,,,,,,,My Mother was terribly Sick in my Final papers of I.com,,,,,,,,and i am again passed my I.comm,,,,,yes although i have passed it with ALl A grades but I can much better if Times allow me,,,,,,


Failure didnt left me yet,,,,,i have got admission in B.com,,,,,,,In final exams failure is once again fall in love with me,,,,,,,,,I have got jaundice and Doctor suggests me to read and left studies,,,,,I told them I have my final exam but they answered u can give your exam if u r alive and for this you have to left these papers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My precious one year was waste due to jaundice and one more difficult situation is ready for me,,,no one allow me to study,,they said you are weak …we can’t allow you to study and went to college or uni regularly and all,,,,

After some time someone told me About Allama Iqbal Open University and Distance Learning,,,you just have to get admission and they will provide you books and the stuff you want,,,,,,,I got admission in bachelors in mass.comm,,,,,,,,these 3 years of bachelors were simple and soft,,,,,,,i have work and study hard and got Quite good grades,,,,

In these 3 years I have forgotten about this word failure but after completing my graduation when i have applied for M.S.Cmass.comm this failure told me with great pleasure that is still with me,,,,,,,i was on the merit but University didn’t accept my Mark sheet because i have send them printed one not original one…………………..

Here I am ,,,,,,,,,,Free bird,,,Doing Nothing,,,Celebrating my Failure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Happy Mother’s day(Specially for my Mother)

The Most difficult task of this Universe……..Wrote something For Your Mother….

If I said that My Mother is the Best Mother of this World,,,,,,,¬†I¬†know it will be the World war 3 ….(grinning)

But,yes¬†I¬†can write(or should i say try to write)few Words for my Mother,,,,,My Mother is a Most Beautiful Woman of this world….

Ammi(i called her Ammi Jaan)You are always there whenever i need you,whenever i need a friend here you are for gossips ,,,here you are for your honest advises,here you are with some really awesome jokes to make me laugh……..

Ohh I am really interested in Cooking,,,here you are the best cook of the world,,,,,here  is all your food magazines and dairies for me,,,,

Ammi I have something wrong with my Hairs,,,,aww My skin ,,my Complexion,,,,,,

Here is your best home remedies,,,,,you asked you research you read day and night just for myself……..just for making me more and more Beautiful….. ūüôā

I am working in kitchen with knife and here it is,,,,,,A small cut on the top of my fingers,,,,,:( i am the most innocent and poor child of this world for you who work so hard in kitchen…Here is your kisses your love your hugs and most important you became a nurse even a Doctor some time……..who awake all the night if i have Fever?yes There you are just you Ammi …

No one is as sincere as you ….No one is as perfect as you ………You are my Jannah(Paradise)Ammi

You are the best….

May you live long…may God Give you Wealth of Health


Its over………….My Hands can’t type any more …..there is no words for You Ammi…….only Tears…..(I am very emotional as you know :/)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Lovely Mother …

Stay blessed….

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Happy Blogging

30 Seconds…….Game over.(Story of Injustice)


Yousuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan

Hey All....Happy Friday


Last Day was Important day for History of Pakistan(So called important day)………today¬†I¬†am telling you story harsh,bitter but unfortunately true…….I know that there are already so many people who write and speak against Pakistan and it’s Politics……and I always hate them for¬†criticising¬†us in such a destructive way,but I, myself going to writ about something harsh about Pakistan(Although it’s not about Pakistan ,it’s about people and their behaviours)is something too difficult for me…anyway let’s start it..

Last day i woke up at 11 am(ya¬†I¬†know it’s quite late but we can discuss it later)Yes i woke up at 11 am,taking my bed tea in my Hand¬†I¬†switched on the T.v Button…..and when i was researching for some interesting news and all……¬†I¬†find something¬†unacceptable,¬†disbelieve able¬†…..there is a News Headlines…¬†in fact Breaking News which breaks my heart in fact many heart….No,there¬†is¬†nothing like my Favourite Actor is¬†getting¬†married……¬†or my class mate got 1st position in World…..its is something much more harsh…

Actually Our Dear Prime Minister Mr Yusuf Raza Gilani was failed to Obey the direction of Supreme court Order on 10 of January….The Supreme court of Pakistan ordered him to write a letter to swiss¬†Government¬†for some reasons(You can find them on¬†Google¬†easily¬†I¬†just don’t want a fussy post)

Any how,Our Prime Minister disobey court order….this is not important(for¬†Government)The important and interesting part of the story is,the Supreme court of Pakistan gave punishment to Our Prime Minister……The punishment was over after…….

30 …….

Years..(oh it can’t be)

Months(No never)

30 Days(He is the Prime Minister People)

30 Mins……………..

Its was just 30 Sec…….Yes 30 Second……

Funny is that¬†I¬†may can’t write this word”Second” in 30 Second and our¬†Judiciary¬†gave him a harsh punishment of 30 Seconds…..

Where the justice is….what kind of Punishment is this?

Ahhhh…please wait ……….(picture abhi baqi hain)……….then the Prime Minister went to¬†Assembly¬†and gave his most horrible speech of¬†at least¬†his career ….He said no one can ask for Resign letter from me except the Speaker of¬†Assembly….Yes he is still our Prime Minister and want to be with¬†superciliousness.

I am not a Part of any political party….¬†I¬†am not a supporter of MLN (Muslim league noon)or i ma not waiting for PTI …….¬†tsunami¬†¬†Party of Imran Khan….and I really don’t want to be a part of this mess…but what¬†I¬†really need is Work…..Work for justice,work for stop wasting ¬†time for such an unimportant stuff…..

Dear Supreme court work for Betterment of Pakistan…Try to give justice to¬†poor…….

Give us some examples of free or justice……….

This is, I know the most inconvenience post of mine…but yes i am angry with such drama…..can’t do anything except writing my heartfelt here….

Stay Blessed

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Need your Suggestion……….

Don’t forget to raise your voice against injustice

Bohja Airline 127 Died,,,,,

ImageLast night 127 people died in Bojha Airlines,,,,,,we are felt sorry,politicians have recorded their saddest regards,their condolences to victims,,,,,,we gave them tributes,,,,,we shall sing song for them,,,,,
then what?what else???
Should’nt we do something for betterment of Aviation department?should’nt you do something to decrease these horrible accident?if yes,then raise your voice Please.
127 Families just think about them once……


The Beautiful Blog

Today is a”Wish comes true Day” for me.This is so cool,I am feeling like Sharmeen obaid(The Oscar winner)that’s is so lamb ūüėõ but that is so true feeling like a¬†celebrate¬†ūüôā

Last day I was talking about getting award and yes Today one of my Friend Nominated me for one(For Beautiful one)

It’s Beautiful ¬†blogger Award ,,ohh I am so happy……

Thank you so much to Nabadip for nominated me,,,you are talented and someone very good in writing¬†different¬†and beautiful stuff and if you did’nt nominated me for this one i will nominate you for sure ūüôā


Thank you Nabadip once again

Well now here is my Nomination with Reasons

No 1 :http://literatii.wordpress.com/

Yes Waleed its you,,,,,Very good friend and I really admire his writing efforts,,,,,

Different and unique beautiful written work ūüôā

No 2 http://personalconcerns.wordpress.com/

I am your fan you write so well….¬†I¬†am still in love with your last post about languages ūüôā you rocks

and and and thanks for your kind suggestion i really need them and they help me a lot

No 3:http://habibadanyalbarry.wordpress.com/

Ya habibi ūüėČ

Woman powers,,, :)Your blog is the post beautiful blog indeed and your post are very interesting,,,i am addicting(believe me)

No 4:http://whatlifesays.wordpress.com/

Yes your blog title is the reason¬†I¬†am nominated you,,,,,whatlifesays,,,,,,,INteresting stuff from your life inspire me…keep it up ūüôā

No 5:http://tayyabaadnan.wordpress.com/

You wrote about Pakistan and i love u for this ūüôā

Stay Blessed

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I am so Happy

Hey there ūüôā
Well today I am very happy ūüôā
1 month ago I wrote my 1st blog post and after visiting many blogs I was so sure that no one can interested in my stuff(To be very honest)…..I am very simple person with very simple thoughts so i thought no one is interested in such a simple stuff ūüėČ but Today there is more than 200 hits,12 followers and so many likes….I am loving it
I don’t know its good or not for 1 month but I am happy and it feels great when you receive hits follower and likes notification.
Guys please keep visiting and giving me your suggestions they mean lot to me
Now there is a wish ,,,,I want to Receive notification for some awards(Blogger awards)I hope I will get some soon
Stay blessed
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Keep Faith on God
Happy Blogging
Thank you word press and the visitors,,,,,,