Dear blog,,,,Hi Again

Hello Friends,,,,,,,

I am here after a long break…..Was away from almost a year….There is a surprise for my blog Friends… readers…guys and girls I got married last year 10th of Nov 2012…Sorry friends for not sharing this biggest news with all of you….It was 31st August night when My Mother’s cousin send the proposal for me for his Only Son and after a week my Mother decides to say yes to them….I got married in Nov…..The Most beautiful Day of my life…awww I wish I can share my pictures with my friends but sorry I can’t……….

Anyway…I am here once again,,,I will try my best to post on daily basis …… I will share a lot about Karachi…My In Laws are in Karachi so living in Karachi …..will share interesting facts about Karachi


Happy Mother’s day(Specially for my Mother)

The Most difficult task of this Universe……..Wrote something For Your Mother….

If I said that My Mother is the Best Mother of this World,,,,,,, I know it will be the World war 3 ….(grinning)

But,yes I can write(or should i say try to write)few Words for my Mother,,,,,My Mother is a Most Beautiful Woman of this world….

Ammi(i called her Ammi Jaan)You are always there whenever i need you,whenever i need a friend here you are for gossips ,,,here you are for your honest advises,here you are with some really awesome jokes to make me laugh……..

Ohh I am really interested in Cooking,,,here you are the best cook of the world,,,,,here  is all your food magazines and dairies for me,,,,

Ammi I have something wrong with my Hairs,,,,aww My skin ,,my Complexion,,,,,,

Here is your best home remedies,,,,,you asked you research you read day and night just for myself……..just for making me more and more Beautiful….. 🙂

I am working in kitchen with knife and here it is,,,,,,A small cut on the top of my fingers,,,,,:( i am the most innocent and poor child of this world for you who work so hard in kitchen…Here is your kisses your love your hugs and most important you became a nurse even a Doctor some time……..who awake all the night if i have Fever?yes There you are just you Ammi …

No one is as sincere as you ….No one is as perfect as you ………You are my Jannah(Paradise)Ammi

You are the best….

May you live long…may God Give you Wealth of Health


Its over………….My Hands can’t type any more …..there is no words for You Ammi…….only Tears…..(I am very emotional as you know :/)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Lovely Mother …

Stay blessed….

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Happy Blogging

I am so Happy

Hey there 🙂
Well today I am very happy 🙂
1 month ago I wrote my 1st blog post and after visiting many blogs I was so sure that no one can interested in my stuff(To be very honest)…..I am very simple person with very simple thoughts so i thought no one is interested in such a simple stuff 😉 but Today there is more than 200 hits,12 followers and so many likes….I am loving it
I don’t know its good or not for 1 month but I am happy and it feels great when you receive hits follower and likes notification.
Guys please keep visiting and giving me your suggestions they mean lot to me
Now there is a wish ,,,,I want to Receive notification for some awards(Blogger awards)I hope I will get some soon
Stay blessed
stay connected
Keep Faith on God
Happy Blogging
Thank you word press and the visitors,,,,,,