Story of my Failure

Well after a long time,,,,,,,,,I am here to share some failures of my life,, it’s so difficult to accept your defeat….to accept it that you are finally disable to do this or that,,, :/

But lucky me I am to brave,,,(Buttering to myself),,,,I accept my defeats with an open heart……and try to move on,,,, at least  I try,,,,,,,,,

And and ,,,,,,,not only accept my defeat look at me i am going to write about it,,,,,,,,

Jokes a parts,,,,lets start,,,,

Yes,,,when I was 14 years old,,,I took 3rd position 8 standard and teacher suggest me to take science as your major Subject in higher studies,,,,,,,I truly respect my teachers and their suggestion so i go for Science studies,,,,,,,,but in my very early stage of 9th i come to know,,,I ma really not interest in fact I hate Science subject but what to do now?

So I have done my matriculation in Science subjects with quite a dark grades,,(i hope u guys can understand dark grades)well i am at least passed in every subject and this is a very big blessing of Allah Almighty

Now he question is what next?And this question bring 1st Officially failure to me,,,When i realized i can’t continue Science Subjects as Further studies,,,,,,

I have chosen commerce for my Intermediate,,,Aw My college life was a perfect period of my self,,,Everything is as smooth as anyone can think,,,,,,In 1st year of i have rewarded with an award for my best academic performance in Every subject specially in Accounting,,,,

But again Failure told me that it’s impossible for failure to left me so here failure is,,,,,,,,My Mother was terribly Sick in my Final papers of,,,,,,,,and i am again passed my I.comm,,,,,yes although i have passed it with ALl A grades but I can much better if Times allow me,,,,,,


Failure didnt left me yet,,,,,i have got admission in,,,,,,,In final exams failure is once again fall in love with me,,,,,,,,,I have got jaundice and Doctor suggests me to read and left studies,,,,,I told them I have my final exam but they answered u can give your exam if u r alive and for this you have to left these papers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My precious one year was waste due to jaundice and one more difficult situation is ready for me,,,no one allow me to study,,they said you are weak …we can’t allow you to study and went to college or uni regularly and all,,,,

After some time someone told me About Allama Iqbal Open University and Distance Learning,,,you just have to get admission and they will provide you books and the stuff you want,,,,,,,I got admission in bachelors in mass.comm,,,,,,,,these 3 years of bachelors were simple and soft,,,,,,,i have work and study hard and got Quite good grades,,,,

In these 3 years I have forgotten about this word failure but after completing my graduation when i have applied for M.S.Cmass.comm this failure told me with great pleasure that is still with me,,,,,,,i was on the merit but University didn’t accept my Mark sheet because i have send them printed one not original one…………………..

Here I am ,,,,,,,,,,Free bird,,,Doing Nothing,,,Celebrating my Failure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


30 Seconds…….Game over.(Story of Injustice)


Yousuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan

Hey All....Happy Friday


Last Day was Important day for History of Pakistan(So called important day)………today I am telling you story harsh,bitter but unfortunately true…….I know that there are already so many people who write and speak against Pakistan and it’s Politics……and I always hate them for criticising us in such a destructive way,but I, myself going to writ about something harsh about Pakistan(Although it’s not about Pakistan ,it’s about people and their behaviours)is something too difficult for me…anyway let’s start it..

Last day i woke up at 11 am(ya I know it’s quite late but we can discuss it later)Yes i woke up at 11 am,taking my bed tea in my Hand I switched on the T.v Button…..and when i was researching for some interesting news and all…… I find something unacceptable, disbelieve able …..there is a News Headlines… in fact Breaking News which breaks my heart in fact many heart….No,there is nothing like my Favourite Actor is getting married…… or my class mate got 1st position in World…..its is something much more harsh…

Actually Our Dear Prime Minister Mr Yusuf Raza Gilani was failed to Obey the direction of Supreme court Order on 10 of January….The Supreme court of Pakistan ordered him to write a letter to swiss Government for some reasons(You can find them on Google easily I just don’t want a fussy post)

Any how,Our Prime Minister disobey court order….this is not important(for Government)The important and interesting part of the story is,the Supreme court of Pakistan gave punishment to Our Prime Minister……The punishment was over after…….

30 …….

Years..(oh it can’t be)

Months(No never)

30 Days(He is the Prime Minister People)

30 Mins……………..

Its was just 30 Sec…….Yes 30 Second……

Funny is that I may can’t write this word”Second” in 30 Second and our Judiciary gave him a harsh punishment of 30 Seconds…..

Where the justice is….what kind of Punishment is this?

Ahhhh…please wait ……….(picture abhi baqi hain)……….then the Prime Minister went to Assembly and gave his most horrible speech of at least his career ….He said no one can ask for Resign letter from me except the Speaker of Assembly….Yes he is still our Prime Minister and want to be with superciliousness.

I am not a Part of any political party…. I am not a supporter of MLN (Muslim league noon)or i ma not waiting for PTI ……. tsunami  Party of Imran Khan….and I really don’t want to be a part of this mess…but what I really need is Work…..Work for justice,work for stop wasting  time for such an unimportant stuff…..

Dear Supreme court work for Betterment of Pakistan…Try to give justice to poor…….

Give us some examples of free or justice……….

This is, I know the most inconvenience post of mine…but yes i am angry with such drama…..can’t do anything except writing my heartfelt here….

Stay Blessed

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Need your Suggestion……….

Don’t forget to raise your voice against injustice

I am so Happy

Hey there 🙂
Well today I am very happy 🙂
1 month ago I wrote my 1st blog post and after visiting many blogs I was so sure that no one can interested in my stuff(To be very honest)…..I am very simple person with very simple thoughts so i thought no one is interested in such a simple stuff 😉 but Today there is more than 200 hits,12 followers and so many likes….I am loving it
I don’t know its good or not for 1 month but I am happy and it feels great when you receive hits follower and likes notification.
Guys please keep visiting and giving me your suggestions they mean lot to me
Now there is a wish ,,,,I want to Receive notification for some awards(Blogger awards)I hope I will get some soon
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Keep Faith on God
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Thank you word press and the visitors,,,,,,

Graduation(3 Years of my Private Study)


2012 is most important year of my Life,,,,,Because I have completed my Graduation in this year,,,,,,, I have done my graduation,,,,,,,,,,In 2007 I have got admission in My nearby College for Graduation,,,,and after 6 months one night I felt something wrong with my liver,,,,,,,,,,that night was quite a horrible one 😦

Well doctors diagnose that I have jaundice :(,,,,,,the month of May,,,(my illness) was the worst of all (seriously),,,,,

In result of my illness ,,,,,,,,,,,,My graduation become a dream for me,,,,,,,,,,

There is roar from every buddy no more study You are ill,,,,,,

Anyway I never loose hope and try to convince my Mother and finally 3 years ago ,,,,,,,She accepted  that I should continue my Higher Studies(yohoooooo ;)) but she allow me Private study,,,,its mean no regular college ,no lecture and no colg Friends(:()but I was crazy for Graduation so I had accepted her offer and start my Graduation,,,,,

It was a very good Experience indeed and there is something in my mind that ,,,no Regular classes mean no College Friends,,,,,,but i was totally wrong,, In these 3 years of my private study life I had make like 100 of Friends from my University(AIOU ALLAH IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY) and they all proved theirself as a best buddy 🙂

The 2nd thought was private study mean low grade,,,worst result but fortunately I was wrong ,,,,I have got 70 % marks without attending single classes,,,,without any tutorial help,,,,,,

I have learn lot in these 3 years but most important thing that i have learnt is that”Never loose hope and you will see you achieve your goal soon  ,,,,,,

Okay readers,,,,,,,,,i gotta go

Its something quite personal but i just wanted to share hope you will like it or you will get serious in achieving your goal…..

Stay Blessed

Keep Faith on God

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