Oily Skin


Hii there,,,,,,

Happy Summers to All(Honestly I hate summers but after all its a season so trying to enjoy it)

Well from the very 1st day of summer I have this problem called as ”Oily Skin”:(

and its not about oily skin its mean pimples acne and acne spot and many more skin problem,,,,,

I was kept searching and reading stuff to cure this”oily skin”and pimples,acne and acne scars.

Today I am sharing some very precious info about ”oily skin”with all of you,,,,hope my readers will get some help.

So,if you are worried for your ”oily skin”(or any skin problem due to this)this post is for you

I will give you some tips/advice that you have to follow to cure skin problem,,,

Rules(Follow them)

Rule no 1:Water

If you are facing any skin disease kindly remember the very 1st rule to cure this,,,drink at least 10 glass of Water daily. Remember I am talking about the pure water,,,it can be fresh juice but nothing else.Anything in which you add any artificial sugar or colour  is not listed as a pure water.

Rule no 2:Multani Mitti(Black clay mask)


This one is very very effected for oily skin,,,,,,Black clay mask will help you to get rid of Acne(For sure)…..you have to buy black clay mask from market add some rose water or lemon juice or milk in it and then apply it all over you face and wash it when it gets dry…..

Use it at least two times in a week.

Rule no 3:Lemon

Lemon or lime is a natural bleach.It is very effective for oily skin.you should take 2 to3 table spoon milk and add few drops of lemon juice in it and apply it to your face leave it over night wash it the next morning…..

Your skin is normal,fresh and Glowing (Trust me)

Rule no 4:Stop Eating fry food and bakery items

Oh please don’t get worried,,,,you will never die if you quit eating chicken with lots of unwanted oil.if you stop eating French fries ,,,,,,,,after all its all about you and your Beauty.

Eat fresh Fruits vegetables.

Rule no 5 :Use of Cucumber

Yes,,,,,,,,,Cucumber you have to use cucumber in your daily diet and you should use it over your skin directly.

Take a piece of cucumber and rub it all over in you skin or use cucumber juice ,,,,,after 1 hour wash your face with pure Water.

Its enough for Today apply these home remedies….and must share your remarks with me.

I will share many more next time for”oily skin”

Until then

Bye bye

Have faith on Allah ,,,stay blessed.


Pakistan(My Beloved Country)

ImagePakistan is my Birthplace,,,,,,,,,,,The place where I get my Education,,,,,,,,I enjoyed each and every weather of this Country,,,,,I really can’t express how much I love to live here and how beautiful each and every moment of my life in my Pakistan.From last few years,when I told someone who I am from Pakistan,,, people get afraid and asked some horrible question,I can’t even understand some of them,,,,,people thought we are all terrorist or we are those  who are living with lots of Natural disasters.(like Earth quakes,floods ),,,,,I try my best to convince them,they’re thinking about Pakistan and there people are totally unacceptable to me.But unfortunately after Sharmeen ubaid Choinoy receiving his Oscar Award for best documentation,People of other country starting shows their anger and hatred for us,(For Pakistanis)In ”Saving face”(Documentary film)Sharmeen Exposed that how people especially women get harm by their loved one and become Acid victim 😦 and how Doctor Jawad came to Pakistan and try to give them their real identity once again by operating(Medicated) them.

According to Critics and even public this documentary is” Black spot”for Pakistan.In this documentary Director shows the darkest side of Pakistan she should work on the positive things in Pakistan.

This is,somehow,Harsh reality about this documentary ,which I have to admit as a Pakistan.Pakistan is a perfect place to live,there is no Excuse or lies we are facing many problems,but I hope in fact I am sure that in your country you are also facing these kind of Problems.

Yes we have many Acid victims ladies in our Country but we can’t forget that we have Afra Karim(Unfortunately the late)the 1st youngest Microsoft Processional,,,,If there are people who harm their wife,sisters and others by acid attacking,we can’t forget that we have also a men like Dr Abdul Qadeer(the Father,inventor of Pakistan Atom bomb) khan or Dr Abdus salam (the noble price winner).

We have Mosa Feroz who obtain highest marks in international Mathematics Competition.we have ”Inter Wood” company who is currently  working with the biggest Furniture company of the World ”IKEA”.We have best Professors,Cook,Doctors, Engineer and Banker,then why people can’t accept us as a Country?Why they didn’t accept Pakistan as a Perfect living place?

Why they can’t believe in us,why anyone didn’t show dignity, love or respect for us? Foreigners like Pakistani spicy food lot but they call it Indian food, why?

This post is for all who never been to Pakistan,please kindly visit this place,we are not terrorist or don’t be afraid no one will attack you with acid or anything like that.Please visit Pakistan and enjoy the Beautiful places of Pakistan.We are lovely people, Believe me.

Here is some Beautiful Historical places of PakistanImage.