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Today is a”Wish comes true Day” for me.This is so cool,I am feeling like Sharmeen obaid(The Oscar winner)that’s is so lamb 😛 but that is so true feeling like a celebrate 🙂

Last day I was talking about getting award and yes Today one of my Friend Nominated me for one(For Beautiful one)

It’s Beautiful  blogger Award ,,ohh I am so happy……

Thank you so much to Nabadip for nominated me,,,you are talented and someone very good in writing different and beautiful stuff and if you did’nt nominated me for this one i will nominate you for sure 🙂

Thank you Nabadip once again

Well now here is my Nomination with Reasons

No 1 :

Yes Waleed its you,,,,,Very good friend and I really admire his writing efforts,,,,,

Different and unique beautiful written work 🙂

No 2

I am your fan you write so well…. I am still in love with your last post about languages 🙂 you rocks

and and and thanks for your kind suggestion i really need them and they help me a lot

No 3:

Ya habibi 😉

Woman powers,,, :)Your blog is the post beautiful blog indeed and your post are very interesting,,,i am addicting(believe me)

No 4:

Yes your blog title is the reason I am nominated you,,,,,whatlifesays,,,,,,,INteresting stuff from your life inspire me…keep it up 🙂

No 5:

You wrote about Pakistan and i love u for this 🙂

Stay Blessed

Instructions for the award:

1.Thank the peson who gave you the award
2.Paste the award on your blog
3.Link the person who nominated you for the award
4.Nominate your choice of bloggers
5.Post links to the blogs you nominated



I am so Happy

Hey there 🙂
Well today I am very happy 🙂
1 month ago I wrote my 1st blog post and after visiting many blogs I was so sure that no one can interested in my stuff(To be very honest)…..I am very simple person with very simple thoughts so i thought no one is interested in such a simple stuff 😉 but Today there is more than 200 hits,12 followers and so many likes….I am loving it
I don’t know its good or not for 1 month but I am happy and it feels great when you receive hits follower and likes notification.
Guys please keep visiting and giving me your suggestions they mean lot to me
Now there is a wish ,,,,I want to Receive notification for some awards(Blogger awards)I hope I will get some soon
Stay blessed
stay connected
Keep Faith on God
Happy Blogging
Thank you word press and the visitors,,,,,,