Karachi the city of lights and life :) then the death game begins….

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Karachi is my birth place and i love Karachi from the very 1st day of my life……when i was a kid my best entertainment was going to Karachi in summer holidays At Nano Place(Grandmother house).And one day i come to know that i have to go Karachi and live my entire life there (Got Married and in-laws lived in Karachi)Karachi is a very Beautiful Place no Doubt,,,,,I don’t like the cuisine though but The sea-side was something fascinate me like anything.Whenever i went there i just can’t explain the feeling always i Fall in love with the Beauty of Sand,Water the wind……………Ahhhhhhhhhh

But on the other Hand ,,,,Karachi is suffering from something extremely heart breaking and dangerous from years….The Terrorism.Don’t know who is behind the dirty game and writing this not about who is doing this……but why they do so….

The Death rate increase day by day….and may be i wrong but Govt and other responsible people are not doing things in that perfect way  …..i am not the person who has specially hard feelings for Police or other departments……..Image

After seeing this photo and reading his statement I felt sorry for my Nation and for the poor citizen of Karachi.He is the Additional I.G(Additional Inspector General)who is saying”Karachi is a biggest City of Pakistan,,,,,,the murder of few people on daily basis is not a big deal”what to say after reading this…..?????I don’t know i am shocked what’s wrong with our hearts…..How can we say anything about some one’s Father,son,brother or husband when we have our Own…….Why we don’t have feeling for others??????Why the Responsible Department shows their worst attitudes towards Us?????

We are Human being Mr I.G not Animals…..Pakistan made in the Name of Islam ,,,And Islam even didn’t allow us to do that with Animal so how can you show your this kind of attitude towards HUMAN BEING….’the best creation of the world’Asraf-ul-Makhlooqat?????????

Disappointment Disappointment Disappointment….