Nicotine Addiction

Smoking Kills


Addiction is bad for health and when it comes to Nicotine Addiction ,,,we all are fully aware with the bad infects of it,,,, then why wait,,,,left Smoking from Today,,,

I had written a blog post in Friend’s Blog ”Say no to Smoking” sharing my post link here may b it will Help someone somewhere


Story of my Failure

Well after a long time,,,,,,,,,I am here to share some failures of my life,, it’s so difficult to accept your defeat….to accept it that you are finally disable to do this or that,,, :/

But lucky me I am to brave,,,(Buttering to myself),,,,I accept my defeats with an open heart……and try to move on,,,, at least  I try,,,,,,,,,

And and ,,,,,,,not only accept my defeat look at me i am going to write about it,,,,,,,,

Jokes a parts,,,,lets start,,,,

Yes,,,when I was 14 years old,,,I took 3rd position 8 standard and teacher suggest me to take science as your major Subject in higher studies,,,,,,,I truly respect my teachers and their suggestion so i go for Science studies,,,,,,,,but in my very early stage of 9th i come to know,,,I ma really not interest in fact I hate Science subject but what to do now?

So I have done my matriculation in Science subjects with quite a dark grades,,(i hope u guys can understand dark grades)well i am at least passed in every subject and this is a very big blessing of Allah Almighty

Now he question is what next?And this question bring 1st Officially failure to me,,,When i realized i can’t continue Science Subjects as Further studies,,,,,,

I have chosen commerce for my Intermediate,,,Aw My college life was a perfect period of my self,,,Everything is as smooth as anyone can think,,,,,,In 1st year of i have rewarded with an award for my best academic performance in Every subject specially in Accounting,,,,

But again Failure told me that it’s impossible for failure to left me so here failure is,,,,,,,,My Mother was terribly Sick in my Final papers of,,,,,,,,and i am again passed my I.comm,,,,,yes although i have passed it with ALl A grades but I can much better if Times allow me,,,,,,


Failure didnt left me yet,,,,,i have got admission in,,,,,,,In final exams failure is once again fall in love with me,,,,,,,,,I have got jaundice and Doctor suggests me to read and left studies,,,,,I told them I have my final exam but they answered u can give your exam if u r alive and for this you have to left these papers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My precious one year was waste due to jaundice and one more difficult situation is ready for me,,,no one allow me to study,,they said you are weak …we can’t allow you to study and went to college or uni regularly and all,,,,

After some time someone told me About Allama Iqbal Open University and Distance Learning,,,you just have to get admission and they will provide you books and the stuff you want,,,,,,,I got admission in bachelors in mass.comm,,,,,,,,these 3 years of bachelors were simple and soft,,,,,,,i have work and study hard and got Quite good grades,,,,

In these 3 years I have forgotten about this word failure but after completing my graduation when i have applied for M.S.Cmass.comm this failure told me with great pleasure that is still with me,,,,,,,i was on the merit but University didn’t accept my Mark sheet because i have send them printed one not original one…………………..

Here I am ,,,,,,,,,,Free bird,,,Doing Nothing,,,Celebrating my Failure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Oily Skin


Hii there,,,,,,

Happy Summers to All(Honestly I hate summers but after all its a season so trying to enjoy it)

Well from the very 1st day of summer I have this problem called as ”Oily Skin”:(

and its not about oily skin its mean pimples acne and acne spot and many more skin problem,,,,,

I was kept searching and reading stuff to cure this”oily skin”and pimples,acne and acne scars.

Today I am sharing some very precious info about ”oily skin”with all of you,,,,hope my readers will get some help.

So,if you are worried for your ”oily skin”(or any skin problem due to this)this post is for you

I will give you some tips/advice that you have to follow to cure skin problem,,,

Rules(Follow them)

Rule no 1:Water

If you are facing any skin disease kindly remember the very 1st rule to cure this,,,drink at least 10 glass of Water daily. Remember I am talking about the pure water,,,it can be fresh juice but nothing else.Anything in which you add any artificial sugar or colour  is not listed as a pure water.

Rule no 2:Multani Mitti(Black clay mask)


This one is very very effected for oily skin,,,,,,Black clay mask will help you to get rid of Acne(For sure)… have to buy black clay mask from market add some rose water or lemon juice or milk in it and then apply it all over you face and wash it when it gets dry…..

Use it at least two times in a week.

Rule no 3:Lemon

Lemon or lime is a natural bleach.It is very effective for oily should take 2 to3 table spoon milk and add few drops of lemon juice in it and apply it to your face leave it over night wash it the next morning…..

Your skin is normal,fresh and Glowing (Trust me)

Rule no 4:Stop Eating fry food and bakery items

Oh please don’t get worried,,,,you will never die if you quit eating chicken with lots of unwanted oil.if you stop eating French fries ,,,,,,,,after all its all about you and your Beauty.

Eat fresh Fruits vegetables.

Rule no 5 :Use of Cucumber

Yes,,,,,,,,,Cucumber you have to use cucumber in your daily diet and you should use it over your skin directly.

Take a piece of cucumber and rub it all over in you skin or use cucumber juice ,,,,,after 1 hour wash your face with pure Water.

Its enough for Today apply these home remedies….and must share your remarks with me.

I will share many more next time for”oily skin”

Until then

Bye bye

Have faith on Allah ,,,stay blessed.

Kanji(The best Spring Drink From Pakistan)

Happy Spring Season to all 🙂

Here is a yummy and healthy spring drink recipe for All,,,,,,,,,,,,,its Pakistani Special drink for Spring named as ”Kanji”


1/2 Kg               Black Carrot(Gajar)

1 to 2                 Beetroot(Just to enhance the taste)

2 Tablespoon :      Mustard Seeds (Rai)

1 Tablespoon:      Red Chilli

4 Tablespoon :  Salt

4 to 5 Kg    Water

How to Prepare

Take A jar or Ghara(A pot)Add Black Carrot slice and Beetroot in the jar .

then add mustard seeds,Red chili and Salt in it

Then add hot Water in it .stir well, close lid and leave on a warm, sunny window sill for 3-4 days.

After 4,5 days it get darker and all the ingredient mixed up well.Chill it in the Fridge or with the help of Crushed Ice .Your Ganji is Ready .You can discard the slice of carrots and beetroot or you can enjoy them with the Drink as well.

For All those who hear about this drink 1st time let me tell you that this is something very good for your skin your health your heart and for your liver.So Must try this at home and if you can’t try this at home please visit Pakistan.It is easily available here in Pakistan.