Karachi the city of lights and life :) then the death game begins….

Hii there,,,,,,,,,,

Karachi is my birth place and i love Karachi from the very 1st day of my life……when i was a kid my best entertainment was going to Karachi in summer holidays At Nano Place(Grandmother house).And one day i come to know that i have to go Karachi and live my entire life there (Got Married and in-laws lived in Karachi)Karachi is a very Beautiful Place no Doubt,,,,,I don’t like the cuisine though but The sea-side was something fascinate me like anything.Whenever i went there i just can’t explain the feeling always i Fall in love with the Beauty of Sand,Water the wind……………Ahhhhhhhhhh

But on the other Hand ,,,,Karachi is suffering from something extremely heart breaking and dangerous from years….The Terrorism.Don’t know who is behind the dirty game and writing this not about who is doing this……but why they do so….

The Death rate increase day by day….and may be i wrong but Govt and other responsible people are not doing things in that perfect way  …..i am not the person who has specially hard feelings for Police or other departments……..Image

After seeing this photo and reading his statement I felt sorry for my Nation and for the poor citizen of Karachi.He is the Additional I.G(Additional Inspector General)who is saying”Karachi is a biggest City of Pakistan,,,,,,the murder of few people on daily basis is not a big deal”what to say after reading this…..?????I don’t know i am shocked what’s wrong with our hearts…..How can we say anything about some one’s Father,son,brother or husband when we have our Own…….Why we don’t have feeling for others??????Why the Responsible Department shows their worst attitudes towards Us?????

We are Human being Mr I.G not Animals…..Pakistan made in the Name of Islam ,,,And Islam even didn’t allow us to do that with Animal so how can you show your this kind of attitude towards HUMAN BEING….’the best creation of the world’Asraf-ul-Makhlooqat?????????

Disappointment Disappointment Disappointment….


Pakistan(My Beloved Country)

ImagePakistan is my Birthplace,,,,,,,,,,,The place where I get my Education,,,,,,,,I enjoyed each and every weather of this Country,,,,,I really can’t express how much I love to live here and how beautiful each and every moment of my life in my Pakistan.From last few years,when I told someone who I am from Pakistan,,, people get afraid and asked some horrible question,I can’t even understand some of them,,,,,people thought we are all terrorist or we are those  who are living with lots of Natural disasters.(like Earth quakes,floods ),,,,,I try my best to convince them,they’re thinking about Pakistan and there people are totally unacceptable to me.But unfortunately after Sharmeen ubaid Choinoy receiving his Oscar Award for best documentation,People of other country starting shows their anger and hatred for us,(For Pakistanis)In ”Saving face”(Documentary film)Sharmeen Exposed that how people especially women get harm by their loved one and become Acid victim 😦 and how Doctor Jawad came to Pakistan and try to give them their real identity once again by operating(Medicated) them.

According to Critics and even public this documentary is” Black spot”for Pakistan.In this documentary Director shows the darkest side of Pakistan she should work on the positive things in Pakistan.

This is,somehow,Harsh reality about this documentary ,which I have to admit as a Pakistan.Pakistan is a perfect place to live,there is no Excuse or lies we are facing many problems,but I hope in fact I am sure that in your country you are also facing these kind of Problems.

Yes we have many Acid victims ladies in our Country but we can’t forget that we have Afra Karim(Unfortunately the late)the 1st youngest Microsoft Processional,,,,If there are people who harm their wife,sisters and others by acid attacking,we can’t forget that we have also a men like Dr Abdul Qadeer(the Father,inventor of Pakistan Atom bomb) khan or Dr Abdus salam (the noble price winner).

We have Mosa Feroz who obtain highest marks in international Mathematics Competition.we have ”Inter Wood” company who is currently  working with the biggest Furniture company of the World ”IKEA”.We have best Professors,Cook,Doctors, Engineer and Banker,then why people can’t accept us as a Country?Why they didn’t accept Pakistan as a Perfect living place?

Why they can’t believe in us,why anyone didn’t show dignity, love or respect for us? Foreigners like Pakistani spicy food lot but they call it Indian food, why?

This post is for all who never been to Pakistan,please kindly visit this place,we are not terrorist or don’t be afraid no one will attack you with acid or anything like that.Please visit Pakistan and enjoy the Beautiful places of Pakistan.We are lovely people, Believe me.

Here is some Beautiful Historical places of PakistanImage.





Happy Birthday Nazia Hassan

Happy Birthday to Nazia Hassan(The 1st Pop Singer of Pakistan)1965-2000




Nazia Hassan is one of the most talented People of Pakistan,,,,,,,,,,,,She introduce new range of music for all,,,,,,,,,,,,,Her music is still in a heart of Every single person,,,,,,,,,,,Today is 4th April and today is her Birthday,,,,,,,,,,

Let me wish you Nazia,,,,,,

Happy Birthday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:)You still love you and miss you,,,,,,,,,,


Kanji(The best Spring Drink From Pakistan)

Happy Spring Season to all 🙂

Here is a yummy and healthy spring drink recipe for All,,,,,,,,,,,,,its Pakistani Special drink for Spring named as ”Kanji”


1/2 Kg               Black Carrot(Gajar)

1 to 2                 Beetroot(Just to enhance the taste)

2 Tablespoon :      Mustard Seeds (Rai)

1 Tablespoon:      Red Chilli

4 Tablespoon :  Salt

4 to 5 Kg    Water

How to Prepare

Take A jar or Ghara(A pot)Add Black Carrot slice and Beetroot in the jar .

then add mustard seeds,Red chili and Salt in it

Then add hot Water in it .stir well, close lid and leave on a warm, sunny window sill for 3-4 days.

After 4,5 days it get darker and all the ingredient mixed up well.Chill it in the Fridge or with the help of Crushed Ice .Your Ganji is Ready .You can discard the slice of carrots and beetroot or you can enjoy them with the Drink as well.

For All those who hear about this drink 1st time let me tell you that this is something very good for your skin your health your heart and for your liver.So Must try this at home and if you can’t try this at home please visit Pakistan.It is easily available here in Pakistan.

Where is Electricity


In early 1900’s in Pakistan there is something called load shedding,The electricity disappear for an hour out of 24 hours.
from the last few days i kept thinking about those single hour of load shedding.We were very much tired with the one hour load shedding and then one day the President of the Time Mr Nawaz Shareef came to the Panel and told everyone that after Today there is nothing Like Load shedding In Pakistan.

From Today I am Prepare to delight the young party of Pakistan(Young People of Pakistan)that there is something called load shedding,how can someone understand this word Load shedding and blah blah blah

but Alaaaas

Here I am after so many years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it’s not only an hour load shedding its about 16 hours load shedding out of 24 hours :/

What should i say to my Young Party now?Now the Young Party of My Country is telling me that there is 16 hours load shedding when you guys are in School there is nothing like load shedding or load shedding just for an hour (Grinning)

I can’t say anything ,,,,,,,,,,,I am also Student(University student) and just advice them to save time and save electricity that what we can do.

The funniest thing happened last time when a local news channel told viewer in their headlines

”Bijli ka buran sangeen”


the funny part of this is That news channels should not give this report as news because if I am not wrong News Mean ”Something New”

But there is nothing new about Load shedding ,,,,,,,,,,,so it’s not a news any more

long live Pakistan